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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Symbolism: Part 1 out of 3.

Let me keep my mind on what matters, keep my mind on what matters, which is my work, which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished. -Mary Oliver

Today we went over a few things, including the fact that when you're discussing poetry you should used the words: lines and stanza rather than sentence or paragraph.

But our main focus was on the word: Symbolism

We took the word apart, broke it into just the word Symbol. = something that can stand for or represent something else entirely; and in poetry the symbol often stands for an emotion. You can use a symbol rather than directly say; "i'm sad." For example, the American Flag represents freedom just like a tree represents growth.

We read the poem, Swans by Mary Oliver and realized that the swan represented changes. So, we all chose a symbol that we thought best represented us. We are going to use our symbols to construct a large poem for the next two weeks! You should see what symbols we came up with!

If you want to learn more about symbolism and what it means go here!

Jessica K.

My grandma and mom
like pink.
I was born with
pink all around me.

Julia P.
Red & Cloud

This represents me because I loved this color and
I love eating red fruits. I wish red will always
stay with me forever.

A cloud could represent me because I love
moving with the winds and watching people
go crazy with rush in the sky.

Aaliyah R.

A laptop or computer represents me.
It represents me because I love to
be on the computer.
After school I do my homework and
then stay on the computer for like
5 hours a day.

Elijah T.

Chuck E. Cheese

Lissette E.

I feel sleepy like a bear
in the winter.

Nicolas M.

I am really really tired like
a mole.

Layla A.
Cow & Monkey

A cow is peaceful and calm and a
loveing animal and a kicking one too.
And it’s a symbol of freedom.

Because I’m crazy like a monkey.

Maria T.
The sound Crazy

I am

Francisco B.

A soccer ball
because I am
all ways with them.
the colors decide
me because of the
clothes I wear

Matthew C.

I feel like I can run
around the block I feel like
this because I got a lot of

Margaret T.

I’m like 2 animals
I am a bear when
I’m very angry
And like a cat calm
and peaceful

Natalie G.

It presents me by the beat of it, and the Beaty
Songs, and it enjoys me Because the music is

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