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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Personifcation is just another form of Abstraction.

Symbolism Part 2 took on the shape of: personification.
Here is an example from an old nursery rhyme: "the dish ran away with the spoon."
Why is this an example of personification? Because a spoon and dish are REAL but they can't run, and they certainly can't really be friends! So, by saying they ran away together is giving them a human element. A good way to think about symbolism is by using the
five senses.

So here are some examples of our symbols (we chose last week to represent us) that we had to personify.

Aquiya Aquino

Yellow, red, blue and white are my symbol because
It’s the color of my flag.

The yellow, red, and blue was playing
and white is lonely because no one to
play with white, kick the yellow because
the yellow was mean.

Art and Snakes
Diana Flores

Art is telling people about myself.
Snakes hiss to tell us stay away.

Giselle Segura

The monkey is swinging all over town.
The elephant is going to drop me down.

Anthony Maldonado

My football it could fly because I throw
it around.

Ahmad Ihmud

My favorite thing is my PS2 it is color
black as Ms. Yees black hair
got up and ran and she turned

Jose Perez

My Game Cube doesn’t
like the game so it spits it

Jacob Plucinski

When you look in my eyes you can see
baseballs on the field.

Tasnem Eleraj

The snow is coming down from the
sky little pieces floating flying around
coming to the floor waiting
for somebody to come play
with them.

The Mario Party DS
Armando Salgado

My baby brother
had a Mario Party with Mario Party DS.

Kanowah Kayotawpe

Snowman is walking on a white
He is shivering (brrr).
Then he is standing still

Fabian Lares

The paper was writing on its
self. The paper transformed into
a paper airplane.

Patryk Giza

The tiger told me
to come by him so
he can eat you

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