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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Images. Images. Images!

For this week we read a poem from Poet, Matthea Harvey.
Her poem was rather strange, and full of vivid images. See for yourself!

Bird Transfer (an excerpt)
by Matthea Harvey

Unfasten the crows & the clouds
come crashing down.

coins hitting the fountain floor.

Center your swan on the pond.

So our lesson this week focused on taking three lines and building three distinct images based on surrealism, sound and direction/actions. We used an image word bank that was provided.

Image word bank:

garden unicorn bathtub parade

nest grapes elevator boat cherry

ice cube cotton worm airplane

kitchen sink planetarium germ yellow

gravy boots wind trains sand

ladder tangerine dirt whale

ambulance mask forest coat

valley wings shadow white

paint umbrella dandelion gray

Please read what we came up with! Enjoy!

Levi D.

A black mask covered the night
sky silently.

My shadow danced with me on
the bright shiny day.

The wind battled the sand as it
swooshed it around.

Mario Z.

The car crashes all the time and
it never gets messy.

It could pass through walls and
its not noisy.

It has music inside of it.

Vincent W.

As the clouds creep the
gray shadow hides.

The wind is silently

Hear the wood cracking
in the forests the earth

How to make a garden and The Forest
Alejandra T.

First you put dirt on the floor.
Then, from the kitchen sink you get
some water splash. Then, let the
garden grow with grapes, cherries,
tangerines, and let them grow like
a forest.
The forest has yellow dandelions,
unicorns, and has lots of wind and
plants and animals.

Sarah L.

The water goes plop plop
as it falls from the sky

the unicorns parade with
a giant umbrella over there heads

unicorns walk through the valley
with a bright yellow rainbow of dandelions

Lissette E.

White paint is like snow falling
for the sky.

The bathtub is like a boat
on the sea sailing.

A whale is like a big fish swimming
in the sea looking for a small fish to eat.

Dirt is splashing chocolate on me.

Claire D.

The gray coat lies on the forest dirt as boots
walk across it.

The unicorn flies around the gardens wings.

And the ambulance paints the wind

Stephanie H.

The wind became a shadow through
the air
so the clock went tick-tock
and the dragonfly flew in
the center through the forest

Timothy S.

The glacier ate the ship.
The flute makes a woo sound.
The comet flew across my head.
Everything is weird we are all flat
is this a dream.

Ciaran G.

The forest turned off its
lights. The rain hit the groundthe forest shook and dried itself.

Filiberto M.

The worm was digging with
a shovel and a hat that has a light
and was digging for a
delicious meal.

Yulissa R.

The white unicorn is eating grapes and
catching yellow germs in a kitchen sink
the parade has musical instruments and
is loud like an ambulance on a rush
to the hospital
I saw the umbrellas shadow and was
playing with a goat in a purple boat.

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larryodean said...

These are very cool! Kudos to the students and teacher!