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Hands on Stanzas, the educational outreach program of the Poetry Center of Chicago places professional, teaching Poets in residence at Chicago Public Schools across the city. Poets teach the reading, discussion, and writing of poetry to 3 classes over the course of 20 classroom visits, typically from October through April. Students improve their reading, writing, and public speaking skills, and participating teachers report improved motivation and academic confidence. You can contact Cassie Sparkman, Director of the Hands on Stanzas program, by phone: 312.629.1665 or by email: csparkman(at)poetrycenter.org for more information.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Do you know what Metaphysical means?

Metaphysical = magic.
How? Well:

not real + real = magic! That is why!

We read the poem, Fairy Tale by Miroslav Holub, whom was also an Immunologist (a type of doctor, just like William Carlos Williams was a doctor and a poet ((which we learned about two weeks ago!)).

We learned that you can write a poem by writing a simple list. But lists are normally kind of boring. So to make them fun to read, you should add something surprising or impossible or metaphysical to the end!

Here are some of our list poems with unexpected endings!

How to eat a chicken
Daniel M.

do you know How to cook a chicken?
you clean
you cook
you taste
you look
you eat
you clean the table
and finally The chicken is
eaten and dead

The Pet Store
Kuba S.

Today I went to
a pet store,
and saw many creatures I liked
There was a
a cat,
also, a
bird and
a frog.
Then I looked to the right,
and gasped at the sight
of a 322 ft. long whale.

My World
Daniel G.

I will make my own world with
when i finished it flew away
because i did not put air in it and going
to the sun and yelling for help.

Make a Book
Alejandra T.

Pictures you will need
Paper you will need
Covers you will need
Story’s you will need
Imagination you will need
Title you will need
Staplers you will need
And then read it in the
clouds while you are in
the grass.

How to make video game
Sebastian O.

you need a tv and wires.
you need Halo 3 for XBOX360
you need call of Duty 4 Playstation3
you need marvel vs capcom Nintendo 64
you need Ghost rider playstation2
the video games
have a party with
mario party game.

Tyra B.

I built myself
a studio, I used
a recording machine,
instruments,sound proof walls
and a gold tooth for
rockstar wanna be friend

How to build a snowman
Robert C.

He needs lots of snow
He needs a hat
He needs sticks
He needs lots of rocks
He needs a carrot
and a car ran
him over.

Timmy P.

if I made a pinsel box
it will walk it does
not have eyes and
it have sizzers legs
it runs and it
can play football

An Ocean
Albert P.

I need lots of water
I need tons of real fish
I need plants seaweed and more
I need 50 million buckets of salt.
it turned all the
colors of the rainbow.

Ciaran G.

He built himself a robot
I would need wires metal electricity and last a
atomic ray gun. and then he blew up Venus,
Jupiter, mars, and uranus.

Cooking Robot
Victoria R.

i saw some plastic,
i made a cooking robot,
cooks food for people,
i tried him out,
he did great then
he said goodbye and
flied to china.
(never saw him again.)

Baseball Field
Annie K.

If I made a baseball field
I will need…
Then the field went to
Space and grew green hair.

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