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Hands on Stanzas, the educational outreach program of the Poetry Center of Chicago places professional, teaching Poets in residence at Chicago Public Schools across the city. Poets teach the reading, discussion, and writing of poetry to 3 classes over the course of 20 classroom visits, typically from October through April. Students improve their reading, writing, and public speaking skills, and participating teachers report improved motivation and academic confidence. You can contact Cassie Sparkman, Director of the Hands on Stanzas program, by phone: 312.629.1665 or by email: csparkman(at)poetrycenter.org for more information.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Editing versus Revision & Line Breaks & Reading Aloud.

In the month of March we spent time focusing on some of the more technical aspects of poetry. We went over Revision & Editing & practiced line breaks and reading aloud.

Over all the entire fourth grade is getting ready for our Pajama Poetry Party that will be held on Tuesday April 8th. We will be reading a poem apiece that we have written.

Revision is what we do as Poets in order to fully show a reader what it is we are trying to say. We have to remember to use clear images, concrete details and the five senses. (hint: the clothing of the poem)

Editing is what we do when you as a Poet decided where you want a period or a certain word. It's also helpful to realize that editing is about making changes to the poem, not necessarily to the ideas or images. (hint: the bones of the poem)

LINE WORK & STANZA WORK = as a fourth grade class we went over the importance of creating lines versus sentences. We also worked on looking at the difference between a paragraph in a book and a stanza of a poem.
(hint: take a poem and rewrite the poem so it looks like a paragraph. read it in both the original poem format, then read it as a paragraph... you will see and hear a difference!)

Reading Aloud: there are five things we have to remember when reading aloud.
1. Posture
2. Diction
3. Don't be afraid!
4. Read slowly

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